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Chris Siglan - AFM #1 FOR 2012

Chris Siglan - AFM #1 FOR 2012

Prior to 2001, Chris had never even been on a bike, even a dirt bike. He went to college in Arizona, where his roommate had a street bike. Chris borrowed it (a lot), starting out in a parking lot, and was hooked. He came back to California, got a job writing motorcycle service jobs for a shop, and met Will Morton.

Will was an AFM racer who kept telling Chris stories about how fun it was to go racing. Chris came to the track to watch Will ride in 1999 and 2000, and then decided he had to try it himself.

Will had a spare 125, so Chris signed himself up for a few track days and then started racing in 2001, with virtually no street experience! He talked to everyone, and absorbed everything like a sponge. Ken Hill provided some valuable advice and coaching. After a year on the 125, Chris graduated up to a 600cc bike and entered more classes.

Chris has raced with WSMC (in 2004, where he won a couple 600cc championships), WERA, MRA, did the entire AMA season in 2007, and CCS Daytona. His favorite tracks? Thunderhill, because he races there so often, and he also likes Road America.



And his favorite club? AFM, of course! Chris cites the atmosphere at AFM events, where it’s a big family. He’s made some great friends, and has grown up with AFM. He’s been to other club events, and says AFM runs a tight ship, with great corner workers and a smooth operation.

When asked what are the top three things he likes about racing, he answered: First and foremost, the challenge of learning new things and getting better as a rider. Second is the speed, which he describes as addictive and totally fun! The third thing is all the great people he’s met and the friends he’s made along the way.

Without AFM he would’ve never met such wonderful people. Chris holds a lot of respect for his competitors, most of whom he counts as friends.

He began the 2011 season with the BMW S1000. It was a brand new bike, and Chris struggled with the set-up early in the year. He and Dave Stanton shared a lot of information, but since he and Dave aren’t exactly the same size, adjustments had to be made!

While he didn’t do particularly well early in the season, he persevered and several really good rounds came his way.

Chris would like to thank his sponsors: TJ Grossi, Fastline (Alex Torres), BARF, CT Racing, Pirelli, Tri-Valley Moto, CZ Chains, MotoWheel, Rock Oil, Motion Pro, Kyle racing, ZoomZoom Track Days, Go-Pro, Ace Custom Graphics, Moto Gloss, Suomi Helmets, Helimot Leathers, Thermos Man Suspension, Ken Hill Coaching, and his family, friends, the AFM and corner workers.


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2012 Schedule

3-17/18 BW

5-12/13 TH

6-2/3 TH

6-30/7-1 Inf

8-4/5 TH

9-1/2 Inf

10-6/7 TH

*Dates are Tentative*


2011 RuleBook






The new season rulebook is here in it's entirety.
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