How to Join the AFM

Joining the AFM is easy! Get an application from us, fill it out completely and select which type of membership you want (Competition, Reciprocity, Associate), and mail it back to the AFM with the appropriate fees.

You can get an application by clicking on the PDF file to the right, or call us (510) 796-7005, leave your mailing and phone number information.

We prefer that the License Application be submitted prior to entry. Allow a minimum of 48 hours following receipt of application for processing. After processing is complete we will e-mail you with instructions on how to proceed with your entry.

Within 10 days you will receive a rulebook, race schedule card, AFM sticker, a discounted subscription form for John Ulrich's Roadracing World and Motorcycle Technology, and your AFM license card, for Competition or Reciprocity members, or AFM member card for Associate members.

A new racer will not receive an AFM license card until you have completed an AFM approved New Race School. Once an AFM member you will receive all e-blasts & mailings throughout the year. All Competition & Reciprocity members will have their own myAFM account that will contain your bike, practice times, race finishes, entry and payment histories.

Current AFM members that need to update their personal information, address, phone, e-mail address can be done through your myAFM account, click on the edit information button found under your name. If you are an Associate member click Here.


Competition Membership

This is the license to get if you want to go racing or just want to take the New Rider School. The license application consists of 3 pages, application for membership, release and waiver of liability, and medical form. Personal major medical insurance is required for all competition members. Emergency room-only insurance is not acceptable. Complete these forms in its entirety and get the release and waiver of liability form notarized. Send the completed forms along with the proper fees to the "Mail to" address listed on the form. You will be assigned an AFM competition number at the appropriate rider status (FY- First Year, NC- Novice Clubman, N- Novice, or E- Expert). Once you have a competition number and have passed the AFM approved New Racer School, you will be issued a competition license card and are then eligible to compete in AFM races and practices

If you are a brand new racer, you will be assigned a license with the FY status. If you have some prior road racing experience, you may be assigned a NC, N or E status license depending on the amount of experience you have. Submit documentation (your current club license will do) of your experience with your license application. Returning riders (who raced with AFM or another organization in the past), will usually be assigned a license at their prior status... but depending on the amount of time since they last held a licence, they may have to take the New Racer School (see below).


  • FY - First Year; must complete an NRS before they may practice at an AFM event.
  • NC - Novice Clubman; have passed a NRS. You must enter a Saturday practice, Clubman class and one or more races that are run on Saturday and/or Sunday. Lap time requirements must be met during the Clubman race for the chosen races. (Refer 6.1 for time requirements)
  • N - Novice; have raced at least one race w/ AFM; Note: N riders may enter Clubman classes and/or Sunday AFM classes, depending on how their lap times match up against lap time requirements for their chosen Sunday AFM classes.
  • E - Expert; have met AFM expert status requirements; note: E riders may enter Clubman classes and/or Sunday AFM classes, depending on how their lap times match up against lap time requirements for their chosen Sunday AFM classes.

Number Assignment Policy: Go to the Forms page > New Member Information.

Associate Membership

This is the license to get if you don't currently plan on racing, but want to be a voting member, be on the mailing list & receive a discounted subscription form for Roadracing World and Motorcycle Technology. Complete only the application for membership page of the application and mail with the proper fees to the "Mail to" address listed on the form. You will be assigned an associate member number (i.e. 75A).

You can upgrade the Associate license to a Competition license at any time during the year. To do so send the completed waiver release and liability and medical forms with the balance of the proper fees to the "Mail to" address listed on the form.

Reciprocity Membership and Requirements

The reciprocity license is for racers that already hold a current year license with another roadracing organization. (NOTE: Reciprocity riders are NOT eligible for season end AFM Championship awards, but they are eligible for all raceday awards, contingencies and other prizes)

The AFM offers license reciprocity with most motorcycle roadracing organizations in the US, as well as many foreign or international organizations. That means that if you hold a current and valid competition license with another organization (i.e. WMRRA, OMRRA, MRA, WSMC, etc...) you can participate in AFM events without getting the full AFM competition license... instead you apply for the AFM reciprocity license.

There are some specific restrictions, allowances and requirements involved with the reciprocity license, as follows:

  1. Riders who have Expert status in their normal racing club are treated as AFM experts.
  2. Riders who are Novice status in their normal racing club are treated as AFM Novice Clubman.
  3. Reciprocity riders may upgrade to full competition license and become eligible for year end championships. The request to upgrade must be received by July 1st. The request must be in writing and any additional fees need to accompany the request.

Many clubs in the USA offer license reciprocity with AFM. This means that your current AFM license will be honored with them, and they will allow you to participate in their events. However, since the addresses and phone numbers for these clubs change periodically, and our information is not always current and correct, we strongly suggest that you contact any club you might want to race with to make sure that they will honor your AFM license. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


License Fees

Type Full Year Half Year
After June 30th
Competition $145 $85
Reciprocity $75 $45
Associate $35 $25
Worker $0 $0

Race Day Fees(Refer 2.3.9 and Appedix C of rule book)

Transponer rental $60
No Show Amount of  First Entry
DNS $20 each:
Issues a grid spot and did not start the race

Entry Fees

Button Willow
1st Entry $80 $85
Other Entries $55 $65
Sat Practice $125 $140


AFM Rulebook
Current Rulebook (2011) - 3.8Mb PDF [Download PDF]
Membership Forms
Membership/License Application - 2012
[Open PDF]
MINOR Release and Waiver of Liability - 2012
[Open PDF]
AFM Tech Sheet - 23Kb PDF [Open PDF]
New Member Information
New Racer Guide & FAQ [Open PDF]
Number Assignment Policy [Open PDF]
New Racer Orientation [Open PDF]
Worker Manual [Open PDF]
Race Entry
Event Pre-Entry Form [Open PDF]
Event On-line Pre-Entry Form [Web Page]
AFM Track Maps
Infineon Track Map - 444Kb PDF [Open PDF]
Thunderhill Track Map - 418Kb PDF [Open PDF]
Buttonwillow Standard Track Map - 434Kb PDF [Open PDF]

2012 Schedule

3-17/18 BW

5-12/13 TH

6-2/3 TH

6-30/7-1 Inf

8-4/5 TH

9-1/2 Inf

10-6/7 TH

*Dates are Tentative*


2011 RuleBook






The new season rulebook is here in it's entirety.
Please start there, and if in doubt on the meaning of any specific rule, don't hesitate to contact the AFM for clarification.
Download your copy here in Acrobat .pdf format (3.6Mb).


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